Food Processing

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OFS Technologies has an in-depth domain knowledge of the simple and complex processes involved in marine and food processing companies. We have comprehensive solution to optimize their production and maximize their profitability.

Our marine and food processing solution is developed to serve small and mid-sized businesses that integrates all the business functions across the organization with a complete set of procurement, Planning, CRM, inventory management, warehouse management, financial management, business intelligence, and order management modules.

To address the client exact requirement we work closely with them to learn and understand their requirements and our extra attention guarantees the client satisfaction and increase the client profitability.

Our clients enjoys the below benefits by using our marine and food processing ERP solution

  • Reduce waste
  • Employee quality of work and performance can be monitored
  • Improves employee accountability
  • Reduces the audit & compliance costs
  • Easy traceability & reduced recall risk
  • Quick implementation with your choice of on-site or remote training
  • Real-time alerts for the management to monitor the daily operations
  • Easily tailored to your exact requirements