Outsourced Product Development

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We know that building commercial-grade software that generates revenue is very different than building internal IT applications, which are developed for a single end-user.

We believe that software products, unlike IT applications, must have a single codebase that is:

  • Scalable to handle both small and large clients.
  • Configurable to handle different customer operating scenarios.
  • Compelling your UI must attract you buyer eye and have features that differentiate you from your competition.
  • 'Multi'-enabled:
    • Multi-country - to handle different currencies and date formats.
    • Multi-lingual- to present the UI in different languages, including the ideographic ones, such as Chinese and Japanese that use double - byte representation and storage.
    • Multi-platform- to be able to run on UNIX, Windows, Apple, Android and Blackberry deployment environments.
    • Multi-tenancy- to support multiple customers on a single instance of your software for SaaS and other hosted environments while keeping customer data separate.

Knowing that software products must generate revenue for our customers, OFS Technologies builds software products using this philosophy:

  • You must get new releases out quickly in order to keep revenues coming.
  • The reputation of your firm is riding on your product's quality.
  • You face constant competitive pressure to innovate a timely manner.
  • Your products architecture must be sound to support 8-10 years of extensions and new releases.

OFS Technologies will deliver software for your business that drives revenue while keeping your product quality high and your development costs low.

If you would like a quote for outsourcing your product development or if you have any queries that need clarification, you can contact us and we'll get back to you with the right solution.