Independent Testing

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Large code coverage in test cases is vital. Unless the test cases cover the large majority of the features and branches in your code bases, the tests will not catch many errors nor substantially shorten the testing cycle.

We can help make sure your test cases cover virtually 100% of your user cases and can even help you build a complete library of unit test cases that your developers can extend as they change the code. Having such a large percentage of your code covered by test cases can shrink your release cycle by as much as 35% since the end-of-cycle testing period can be dramatically reduced due to the higher quality of code that is turned over for QA.

Manual testing

We can build test plans, test cases, and test scripts to thoroughly examine your software and make sure it meets its requirements and design goals. If you already have a detailed set of test cases, we can very quickly re-run those cases for you when you need:

  • Platform Certification – We make sure that your current release of software works with the latest upgrades to Windows, Oracle, SQL Server, hardware devices, mobile phones, and other platforms.
  • New Release – We can test all new features and re-test all existing functionality to make sure that all new capabilities operate as specified.

Automated testing

We have QA resources trained in several of the major automated testing tools such as : Rational, Mercury, and several open-source. We can create a completely automated test suite that will test your product each night after each build to alert you of mistakes as they happen.

If you would like a quote for our independent testing solution or if you have any queries that need clarification, you can contact us and we'll get back to you with the right solution.